The QUAD Gets Wet!

The QUAD Gets Wet!

This season promisses to be one filled with field testing!

The idea for the Quad was sparked back in 2008 during a time when aerial quads (drones) were still made by a single company. Since then we have kept development alive and re-designed and re-built every part 2-3 times. This has been a VERY long process…… afterall very few firms, especially one that was one person for a long time, set out to build a full system from the ground up.

But we made it through this process and took our time resulting in a vehcile that has engineered solutions for all of the bugs that came up along the way and one that is, importantly, easy to work on.

Our first field trial was back in mid-July, and really just a shake down at the local boat launch. But the the vehicle performed perfectly! It:

  • Had no surprise technical issues
  • Was just stable enough to control
  • Had to much power for a new pilot in poor visibility

Since we set out to build a race car it was a good sign that the vehcile was a monster that needed to be tamed!

While this short video, mostly shows the Quad in steerage speed at the surface, with only a few short bursts of %50 power, it will give you a gimps of the Quads potential.