About Potting

Potting (the process of encasing something in plastic to make it waterproof) is, in theory, simple but in theory but this is misleading. Producing units that funstion dependably takes specialized knowledge / equipment and experience.

Having realized all the advantages that potting affords. We, at Juice, have put in the work, to get this process right, and now have a process that is dependable and predictable.

This process starts with selecting a urethane or epoxy based potting media and sourcing fixturing/molds. Then we vacuum de-gas the mixture, pressure (and/or vacuum) cast the material, cure the material at a specified temperature, and finally inspecting the finished product for air voids.

And this takes more than just a mixing cup to accomplish.

First a mold/fixture is designed and printed on our SLA machine and placed into a pressure chamber.  Then our material is mixed and degassed in a vacuum chamber and cast into the prepared mold inside of a pressure chamber. Here it is subject to pressure for a given time and cured at room temperature or in an oven (depending on media). Then, finally the parts and tested (pressure, electrically, ect.) before delivery.

Having all of this equipment in house is what allows us to not only manufacture the DEEPi and ICE LITES, but also to make quick revs on those designs and even to pot parts for special projects.

For example, our ICE 6 is vacuum cast.

Also a curing oven is sometimes used. For example, the Quad’s high output LED’s and cast into a high temperature mold made of Silicone and Aluminum and cured at an elevated temperature.