A “hydrobatic” underwater vehicle made to “shred” the water instead of “sample” it.

Our QUADS compared to traditional ROV is a race car not a pick-up truck: It trades the utility of being able to carry an array of sensors for a single minded pursuit of speed, offering ocean enthusiasts a completely unique view into the underwater world.

It can fly horizontally or “hover” vertically at the surface; going orders of magnitude faster than anything on the market, while operating just below, at, or above the water’s surface!

Each of our Quad configurations drags a buoy for real time control input and an SD video stream. They are piloted real time and use an array of sensors to be “Fly-by-wire” (or electronically stabilized). Rf range is in the 500m range and they have 15 – 60 min of endurance.

The current challenge for this platform is finding an operational scenario where the Quad’s full potential can be realized: We have made a race car but need to find a race track! If you can imagine such a scenario. Contact us to discuss further!

Upon full validation, the Quad will film for customers in the ocean documentary and action sport film industries.