Introducing the sub-marine “Quadcopter”!

Our QUADS can fly horizontally or “hover” vertically at the surface. The goal  is to provide unmatched views of the marine world in an exciting way. Going fast, and even jumping out of the water like a dolphin or shark! Each of our Quad configurations drags a buoy for real time control input and an SD video stream. They are piloted real time and use an array of sensors to be “Fly-by-wire” (or electronically stabilized). Rf range is in the 500m range and they have 15 – 60 min of endurance.

Like an aerial Quad ours gets all it’s maneuverability through thrust mixing. So it’s simple, with only 4 moving parts! What makes our quads different is the way they have been balanced to work underwater, streamlined to move easily in a fluid that is 1000 times heavier than air. They are elegantly designed to be easy to use in the field and strait forward to repair if needed.