ICE LED Lighting

Unparalleled simplicity gives our “ICE Lites” the ruggedness that our customers have come to expect.

This technology started as a part of our overall design initiatives for the Quad and Yo-yo platforms but due to customer demand a stand alone product has spun off. These lights have been used in both manned and unmanned applications and have operated dependably in depths greater than 1000m for extended periods of time.

Our current lineup ranges from the 6W 480 lumen ICE6 to the 70W 9,770 lumen ICE70. We also regularly fabricate for custom wavelength requirements using our ICE FABRIC arrays. These ICE FABRIC arrays can even include a RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White) configuration for output across the visible light spectrum..ICE lites are our first product available for retail sale. While we look for a distributor..  Contact us to buy one directly.