Our Team

Matt Jewell, Founder

Matt Jewell founded Juice Robotics LLC in 2013 to go straight for paradigm shifting technology that lies outside the step by step way technology is historically developed in this space. His focus is on new technologies that could change the industry but often have no advocates. 

The most aspirational of these projects is the Quad, a high speed underwater vehicle that is way out on a limb in terms of its operational envelope. However during the long R&D cycle related to this, a focus has also grown on the building blocks that make up larger systems. 

He holds a BS in Ocean Engineering from the University of Rhode Island and has 10+years of experience that spans from field operations to manufacturing environments. This has included serving as an ROV pilot for Dr. Robert Ballard and the University of Connecticut, as well as serving as a Mechanical engineer at Engineered Syntactic Systems. 

Matt is someone who is driven to bring new technology into the world and believes that being fully engaged in this process is the only fulfilling path.

Christine de Silva, Co-founder & Business Advisor

Christine de Silva is a marine scientist focused on predator-prey ecology and deep sea biology with an interest in business and spreading ocean science to a wider audience. 

She combines her passion for the ocean with her experience working at tech startups to bring a blend of excitement and business acumen to Juice Robotics. In her current position at Tidelift, Christine is learning the ins and outs of running a startup, especially from a sales and marketing perspective, and will bring that experience to Juice Robotics. 

Her passion for the deep sea and ocean education shines through on episodes of Shark Week and she will be able to continue to use that platform to further the Juice Robotics name. 

Christine holds a BS in Biology from the University of Miami where she also minored in marine science and art (photography).


Dr. Brennan Phillips, Academic Partner

Brennan Phillips specializes in the development and application of novel instrumentation for oceanographic research. His current research topics include low-light imaging of deep-sea biology and bioluminescence, soft robotic manipulators, hydraulic systems, distributed sensing, and low-cost, lightweight methods for ocean exploration.

Dr. Phillips received his BS in Ocean Engineering from URI, an MS in Oceanography from the University of Connecticut, and a PhD in Oceanography from URI/GSO. Prior to joining the faculty at URI, Dr. Phillips served as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Harvard Microrobotics Laboratory and was the lead ROV engineer/pilot for Dr. Robert Ballard. He is a passionate teacher and enjoys surfing, running, and spending time with his family.